So, what's the difference???
HEAD Equilateral triangle, where all sides are
of equal length as measured from the outside of
the base of the ear to the point of the chin.
Nose profile is straight from the brow ridge
to the tip of the nose without a break in the line.
the chin is firm and should be in line with the
front of the nose.
Medium in width and slightly
longer in length than width
with a squareness to the muzzle.
Nose profile should be
slightly concave.
The head is a modified wedge
of medium size with rounded
contours, broader at the skull
and narrowing slightly to a
full and slightly rounded muzzle
with a well-rounded chin.
EARS Medium to large, rounded at the tip,
broad at base, set as much on the side
of the head as on top of the head, alert,
with the cup of the ear pointing a bit sideways.
The outsides of the ears follow the lines
from the side of the head down to the chin.
Large, well-tufted, wide at base,
tapering to appear pointed.
Set approximately one ear's with
apart at the base. Should be
set more on top of the head
than sides.
The ears are medium,
wide at the base and set
as much on the sides of
the head as on the top set
1 to 1-1/2 ear widths apart
EYES Large, almond shaped, well-opened
and expressive,
set at a slight angle with the outer corner
higher than the inner corner.
Large, expressive, wide set.
Slightly oblique setting with
slant toward outer base of ear.
Large, round, wide set.
NECK The neck is short and heavily muscled. Medium long. The neck is medium, rounded,
substantial, and well muscled.
BODY Solidly muscled and well-balanced, moderate
in length, substantial bone structure,
with powerful appearance showing a
broad chest and considerable girth without
being fat. Legs are medium with hind legs
longer than front legs, making the rump
higher than the shoulders.
Thighs are heavily muscled.
Medium to large. The body should
be long with all parts in proportion
to create a well-balanced
rectangular appearance.
Substantial. The back is medium
in length and very slightly
curved or arched.
COAT Double coat, consisting of a dense undercoat,
covered by long, glossy and smooth
water-resistant guard hairs hanging
down the sides
Heavy and shaggy; shorter
on the shoulders and longer
on the stomach and britches.
This is a plush, medium length
coat, with hair on the shoulder
blades and lower part of the
chest being thick and
slightly shorter.
There is a tight undercoat,

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